Beit HaJaim

“In the end, you will return to earth because you were taken from the earth. You are dust and to dust you will return.” Bereshit 2:19

Beit HaChaim was born from the dream of a group of members of our community to have a cemetery that fully complied with the halachot and the rules of the Torah. Since 2020, this space has been available within the facilities of the Israeli Community of Santiago, which is supervised by the Rabanim of the Orthodox communities of Chile.

Generously, a percentage of the charges related to funeral services are transferred to the MEF, instilling a message of continuity, life and projection to this difficult moment for all families.

We invite you to learn about the EARLY SALE campaign of spaces in Beit HaHaim where, starting today, you can secure your eternal resting place.

With your advance purchase you will not only be acquiring peace of mind, but also contributing to the Jewish education of the children of Maimonides School.

For more information and payment methods write to [email protected]